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Saving Ideas

October 6th, 2007 at 09:53 pm

Here are a few things I've started to do or thinking about inorder to save money.

Brown bag my lunch to work. Actually its a blue bag with the company logo on it. My estimated savings are $15-$20 a week.

Ordering water to drink when eating out.

I feel bad about this, but I reduced my pledge to the Unted Way for next year by about 50%. I guess charity begins at home, especially when you are in debt.

I'm looking at dropping comp and collision on my car and raising the deductible on my wife's car.

My best bet is probably to try and increase my income without a corresponding increase in expenses. A second, third, or fourth of income would be nice. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter is spending more time with her mother, who will be asking for an increase in child support. My life seems to often be one step forward and two steps back.